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Are you tired and fatigued? Do you suffer from brain fog? Do you feel that you are aging faster than you would like to? Would you like to increase your vitality and energy but don’t know how to?

Thank you for your interest in participating in this research project into vitamin supplements that may help with your symptoms and may restore your youthful vitality. This is a 3-month research project being conducted by Madelaine Cohen of Chirosports Coogee. Madelaine has a special interest in anti-ageing strategies and is currently documenting her research and writing a book on effective strategies to help people with symptoms commonly associated with accelerated ageing – fatigue, brain fog, diminished libido and lack of vitality being some of the most common symptoms.

We are looking for approximately 50 participants over the age of 18 years old, both male and female. We are interested in participants from Australia, USA, UK, Asia and Europe. A good command of English is preferred but not essential.

Suitable participants will be asked to take a recently released Vitamin Supplement developed by Stamford University specifically to address the symptoms of fatigue, brain fog and vitality. Our outcome is to ascertain whether the supplement helps you to feel better. This supplement has been approved by the TGA in Australia and Health Authorities in 52 countries worldwide.

Participants will take the supplement for a 3-month period. Each will be asked to consume the manufacturers recommended daily dose. You will be asked to answer some short questions about your feelings of fatigue, mental acuity, general happiness and vitality before and during the 3-month period. This will involve simply marking a “tracker” with a score to measure how you feel each day and should take less than a minute to do.

At the end of the 3-month period you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire that will be used by Madelaine Cohen in collating information on whether you believe the supplement has assisted you or not. This will take about 10 minutes to complete. Your anonymity will be respected unless you give express permission for us to quote your feedback in Madelaine’s book.

For this project and in order to ensure you have a level of commitment we will supply the supplement to you at the wholesale price. It is our belief that by paying the wholesale price that we will have participants who are truly committed to feeling better and we will have a high level of full compliance to ensure the success of the research project. We will arrange for delivery to your home or office by courier direct from the distributor each month. The distributor is a leading company in the anti-ageing industry and is publicly listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Delivery can be made in 52 countries and by delivering it to your home or office we hope this will be convenient and will minimise disruption to your routine. Payment will be direct to the distributor by Mastercard or Visa.

If at the end of the study, you have fully completed the tracker and fully completed the course of 3-months at the recommended dose but believe it has made absolutely no difference to how you are feeling, we will, in this circumstance offer you a manufacturers refund for the 3-month supply. Alternatively, if you decide you want to continue to take the supplement, we will continue to offer it to you at the wholesale price – our way of thanking you for helping us.

Interested? Have friends who may also be interested? We realise this is not for everyone but your participation will help us make the best recommendations in our book to help many people including you to feel younger and more energised, so we look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Please email[email_link email="[email protected]"]Madelaine Cohen.[/email_link]


What is the wholesale price?

Because this is a special offer for participants we don’t want to publish it here. Estimate less than one coffee a day. The price varies slightly depending on your country, so please contact Madelaine Cohen for information.

What if I am taking other vitamin supplements?

You can still take these as normal, however, if they are prescribed speak to your health care provider first. Since you have the symptoms of fatigue with what you are already taking, we anticipate that you will probably be able to gauge a difference when you add something else into your routine.

What if I forget to take it one day?

That’s fine – you’re human and normal which is good! You’ll just take it again the next day and mark “missed” on your tracker but will still record how you are feeling so we will know.

What if I start but then decide I want to stop before 3 months?

That’s fine and we will be understanding. What we’d like you to know is that it takes 3 months for all the red blood cells in your body to renew so the reason why we are undertaking a 3 month project is because it may take the full 3 months to realise the benefit. But if you decide to pull out we will honour your decision and cancel any future deliveries. You won’t need to give us a reason unless you choose to. Please be aware that the manufacturers refund guarantee is only available to participants who complete the 3-month course.

I’m vegan, can I participate?

The supplement is in a gelatin capsule, but the contents may be emptied into water. Otherwise suitable for vegans.

Is it suitable for children?

No. All participants must be aged 18 years and over.

What if I can’t swallow capsules?

That’s fine you can empty them into water.

What if I am taking prescribed medication?

This supplement does have some contra-indications especially with prescribed medication for diabetes and high blood pressure. People taking prescribed medication for these conditions cannot participate in this study or take this supplement, however, other prescribed medications may not preclude you. You should always consult with your health care provider before taking any vitamin supplements if you are taking prescribed medication. Please contact us for more information on the ingredients if you would like to consult with your health care provider before applying.

When can I start?

Today would be great! We are commencing on 1 November 2011 and intend to have the project completed by 1 June 2012 but hopefully sooner.

How can I find out more and apply?

Please email [email protected]